Professional cleaning services we offer

We at Carpet Cleaning Care work towards your comfort and to minimize your stress when it comes to cleaning, by offering you a full, comprehensive cleaning experience and an all inclusive treatment program, you can be sure that your home or office will be sparkly clean, all in one fell swoop. We can satisfy your every cleaning need in one day, with one call, no hassle no hidden fees.

Services you can book from Carpet Cleaning Care

We offer many main services, and a lot of additional and supplementary services that can complete the cleaning circuit, giving you a full experience all in one place.

  • Carpet cleaning – offers clients a way to save time on cleaning large areas of their house covered by carpets, by using all of the best cleaning agents and equipment. We emphasize on the proper maintenance and cleansing of every carpet type, by removing stains, deodorizing whole rooms and extracting dirt from the deepest parts of your carpets.
  • Rug cleaning – for a proper rug cleaning treatment, we either use dry or steam cleaning and depending on the quality, type and condition of rug, we use more than 50 specialized detergents, all of which adhere to all standards as set by the parliament and REACH programs. We do it quickly and we do it without ruining the look or quality of expensive rugs.
  • Mattress cleaning – we pride ourselves on the immaculate results we manage to achieve, using all natural detergents and methods, to not only get rid of stains, but also neutralize odours and even exterminate bed bugs and dust mites, which have been linked to allergies and inflations in children and even adults of all ages.
  • Upholstery cleaning – when its time to clean your upholstery, but you’re not use what to use you can call our team. With high standards of cleaning, no compromises programs and special deals for larger orders with discounts of up to 15% of the price of the original order. We will consult and give advice before you even book, that’s how good we are.
  • Curtain cleaning – if you want your home to be as presentable as possible, or a tenant is on your head about the state of the apartment you are leasing, use this procedure for a refreshing, clean effect on an entire room. We fully remove dust, stains and even odours from any type of curtain or drapery, without using harmful detergents.

Other services you can book with Carpet Cleaning Care

  • Window cleaning – we do full window cleaning for homes and office buildings, regardless of size or condition, we clean them all. For larger orders we have discounts and special rates which will save you not only money but also the effort of doing it yourself.
  • After builder’s cleaning – when the builders are done with their job, they always leave a mess, and its you that has to deal with that mess. Not any more – we can do that for you as well as anything else that you want cleaned, from the floors to your windows, we do it all.
  • One off cleaning – sometimes you just want things done, and with this services you can have your entire home cleaned, all in one day, at the same time. Suitable for tenants, land lords, lot managers and office owners, we offer special deals for every one, just call us today and ask.
  • Oven cleaning – with use ovens can get quite nasty and filthy, old grease ruining the taste of your otherwise tasty meal. Our team is trained in the proper usage of professional degreasers and safe to use detergents that will make your ovens spark like new, with no taste distortions or unpleasant smells.

Book us anytime on 020 3746 2553

You can book any of these services at any time of the day or night, just call the constant customer hotline at 020 3746 2553 and our team will be on it as soon as a team is available. You won’t have to worry about deposits, hidden fees or other tricks, all payments after the job is done, with a full insurance and a quality guarantee.


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