Rug Cleaning in London

Rug CleaningUniquely positioned as the leaders in the rug cleaning industry, Carpet Cleaning Care staff are qualified experts in the field of Rug Cleaning. If you have expensive Persian Rugs or Exotic Throw rugs, we encourage you to consider having them cleaned professionally. Many of these delicate items don’t hold up well under the care of amateurs and you can easily lose the value of your expensive flooring investments.

Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Being an inseparable part of any modern home's interior carpets are one of the most sought after household furnishing all over the world. Cleaning your sheepskin rug is a task better left to our highly skilled and motivated technicians. They will also be able to help you with your wool rug cleaning requirements. Such carpets require constant care and special attention to keep their great shape intact. Persian rug cleaning demands expert knowledge and the utilization of the latest oriental rug treating equipment.

We Clean Different Types of Rugs

We are the rug cleaner of choice in London and we can clean any type – wool, silk or sheepskin, you name it, we clean it. Our expert technicians come backed with years of experience and training with all major fabrics. They will treat your valuable Persian rug with the highest level of care and keen attention. We are aware that a fine silk or wool rug tells a beautiful tale of different cultures and distant countries. Our qualified experts preserve these complex details during the carpet cleaning process.

At Carpet Cleaning Care, we have many years of experience caring for the most delicate rugs. Our staff has been expertly trained to evaluate your carpets and suggest a course of treatment that will leave them looking and smelling like new again! Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and advanced cleaning solutions are gentle enough to protect your rugs, but aggressive enough to remove most stains and discolourations in a single visit. For households with a large number of rugs or high traffic areas, we suggest taking advantage of our regularly scheduled maintenance programs to eliminate the need to setting appointments each time your rugs need to be cleaned.

Rug Cleaning Services

Why Carpet Cleaning Care?

We can provide service seven days a week, so we can solve your rug cleaning needs at any time. We are proud of our low prices and exceptional customer service and we encourage you to see what our customers have to say abut us on our review page. And if you are unsure about what services you might need, you can our complete range of services and how we charge for each of them on our pricing page.

To obtain a free, no-obligation quote please call 020 3746 2553. You can schedule service with any of our friendly staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or you can use our request service page. Protect your valuable rug investments by calling now!


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